Gretna Public Library Foundation

Building our Library • Growing a Legacy

Where is the new facility planned to be built?

The city has purchased a plot of land on the SW corner of 204th St. and Angus St. that is designated for a new library/community center.

How much will this building cost?

In order to build a facility that would be adequate for the size of our community, we are looking at approximately $12 million. Because part of the building will include community meeting rooms, the city is willing to help out with that portion of the building.

How will this be funded?

We plan on using a variety of sources including grants, possible corporate sponsorships, and private donations. And, as mentioned above, the city will help to pay for the community rooms portion.

What will be included in this building?

The facility would house the library (books, magazines, DVDs, audio books, computers, printers, children's program, etc.). There would be meeting rooms available for local groups such as clubs, scouts, crafting groups, senior citizens, etc. We would love to see even more technology in the building for the public's use. We are also considering other ideas, such as a shared workspace area.

Why do we need a new library when we already have two?

The new facility would replace the current two branches. Most communities do not have separate branches for a children's library. It is best to have everything under one roof! The current two branches are extremely small considering the rapid growth of the community and the number of people who use the two branches of the library. As the size of Gretna has increased, the library has not been able to increase at the same rate.

What will happen to the current two locations when the new one is built?

Since those two locations are owned by the city, they city will determine their use at that time.

Aren't libraries becoming obsolete?

Absolutely not! They are evolving to keep up with changes in how we get information, technology, etc., but libraries are still a VERY vital part of thriving communities!!

What can I do to help?

Donate! Let us know your ideas! Talk it up with your friends!